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Fall detector and activity monitoring in real-time

Détecteur de chute et suivi actimétrique en temps réel

Created in 2018, the young start-up Morphée + offers an innovative product based upon radar technologies developped by ONERA : a real-time fall sensor and movement monitoring system designed for retirement homes residents,  while preserving their privacy. Issued from an ONERA proposal submitted in 2015, this project was brought to life thanks to the financial support of SATT Paris-Saclay during the maturation process. The product is currently being tested in residential homes in the Essonne area.


Wind industry and airport weather forecast

Eolien et météoaéroportuaireLeosphere is the perfect illustration of ONERA support to an SME since its creation 15 years ago:   innovative within the Lidar business, the firm first  signed a licencing contract in 2006, followed with succesfull deals in the wind industry (2007) and airport weather forecast (2010). In 2018, new opportunities showed up within the Finnish Vaisala Group, today’s world leader in the environmental and industrial measurement.



Automated management of rail infrastructures

Surveillance automatisée des infrastructures ferroviairesSince 2014, SNCF Réseau, its subsidiary  Altamétris and ONERA have been partnering in an R&D programme dedicated to rail network maintenance and monitoring, via the use of drones. Main topics addressed : the risk analysis linked to the deployment of drones within an operational industrial environment, the development of payloads capable of providing specific data, acquired data processing and use, and flight intelligence to ensure safer automated flights.