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Aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, acoustics

  • Understanding of the physical phenomena of fluid mechanics / fluid-structure interactions
  • Diagnostic of flows and advanced modelling (turbulence, transition, etc.)
  • Software forecasting of flows, structural movements and acoustic radiation

Electromagnetism and radar

Fine-scale description of the environment, propagation and study of radar clutter, numerical computation, electromagnetic compatibility, signal processing

Materials and structures

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Design, production and characterisation of metallic, ceramic or composite materials and structural elements
  • Study and validation of new concepts
  • Understanding of the mechanics of materials: behaviour, service life, resistance, cracking

Multi-physics for energy

  • Study of propulsion system performance
  • Testing under representative conditions
  • Multi-physics modelling and simulation: flows, atmospheric emissions and dispersal, thermal deterioration of materials, impact of icing

Optics and associated techniques

  • Development of new imaging systems and assessment of their performance
  • Characterisation and modelling of optical propagation through atmospheric turbulence
  • Modelling of the IR and visible signature of aircraft

Physics, instrumentation, environment, space

  • Metrological characterisation of flows and plasmas
  • Space environment models and measurements

Information processing and systems

  • Identification and optimisation of perception and information processing systems
  • Artificial intelligence and decision-making
  • Robotics, drones and autonomy
  • Safety and security of cyber-physical systems
  • Applied mathematics and scientific computation

Wind tunnels

  • Aerodynamic tests of aircraft covering the entire speed range: sonic, transonic and supersonic