A high performance computer

ONERA develops many software platforms that enable its engineers to test product concepts or optimise them. To support the needs arising from these various codes, the Information Systems Department (DSI) operates supercomputers for use by its researchers.  It regularly selects machines with cutting-edge performance, to enable its personnel to conduct their studies and to develop new software suited to new architectures.

In 2017, the SATOR supercomputer came into service: this parallel scalar cluster with 17,360 Intel/Broadwell CPU cores, supplied by the manufacturer NEC, offers up to 4 to 5 times more operational power than the previous cluster. Its peak performance of 667 Tflop/s* for a LINPACK* performance of 579 Tflop/s, has propelled ONERA back into the World Top 500 HPC* rankings.


Manufacturer NEC
Number of CPU cores 17 360
Total RAM memory 77,5 TB
LINPACK Performance 566,6 TFlop/s (667 TFlops/s peak)
Hardware layout 18 racks, covering a surface area of 30m² and weighing a total of 11.8 tonnes

Power consumption
and cooling

Power consumption: 280 kW using LINPACK
Hybrid water cooling (136kW) / air cooling (144kW)
Partial electrical back-up