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  • PHY - Physics Instrumentation Environment Space

DPHY - Physics Instrumentation Environment Space

The Department of Physics, Instrumentation, Environment and Space (DPHY) designs innovative instruments and evaluates certain aerospace environments and their consequences on on-board systems.

The DPHY develops in particular:

  • New inertial instruments for guidance-navigation, geodetics geodesy or fundamental physics, based on micro/nano technologies, electrostatic or atomic interferometry
  • Methods and instruments for the metrological characterisation of flows and plasmas, based on optical spectroscopy, specific sensors or sources such as tunable lasers, OPO, LIDAR, photoacoustics, etc.
  • Plasma sources and electric thrusters

It studies:

  • Lightning and its impact on aircraft
  • The space environment and its effects on electronic materials and components, and the resulting charge and contamination on satellites

(Caption) Plasma thruster for satellite: ECR technology (H2020 MINOTOR project)

(Caption) Plasma thruster for satellite: ECR technology (H2020 MINOTOR project)