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DOTA - Mission

The mission of the Optics and Associated Techniques Department (DOTA) is to conduct studies and research linked to the use of the optical domain (electromagnetic waves between the medium ultraviolet (200 nm) and the THz range (1 THz ~ 300 μm)). These studies are conducted primarily for the benefit of the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence, but also for other fields such as security, the environment, astronomy and medical imaging.

DOTA's scope encompasses the entire optical chain, from source up to signal processing issuing from optical systems, with a view to manufacturing products.

The work of the DOTA covers the following aspects:

  • Modelling: models in the forward direction of scenes and targets, optical system performance models, measurement inversion and processing tools, databases required for implementing modelling
  • Design and production of new optical instruments: technological building blocks required for these new instruments, in-lab characterisation test benches and instruments used for airborne or ground campaigns
  • Deployment of commercial instruments or instruments developed by the department in the laboratory or in realspace environment (airborne measurements, ground measurements, static objects, moving targets, etc.)

The DOTA conducts prospective and finalised research upstream of industry and for the benefit of major clients and agencies (DGA, UE, ANR, AED, ESA, ESO, CNES). It also relies on university and institutional research. For much of its activity, it acts as a State expert.

It maintains regular relationships with the major manufacturers in the sector and has established links with a set of SMEs and mid-sized companies via which it exploits its research.