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DMAS - Materials And Structures

The activities of the Materials and Structures Department, DMAS, deal with the microstructure of materials (from the atomic scale up to the macroscopic scale), the static and dynamic behaviour to rapid or vibratory dynamics of structures in their environment up to crash or impact, and also include the design, development and characterisation of materials and elements of metallic, ceramic or composite structures.

These topics can be of an experimental, theoretical or computational nature, and concern all end purposes of the aeronautical and space sector (aircraft, helicopters, turbo machines, missiles, launchers, satellites) as well as military systems and some applications outside the aerospace sector.

The department therefore takes an interest in:

  • The physics of materials and the study of their microstructures
  • The improvement of existing materials and development of new materials solutions
  • The characterisation, inspection and modelling of materials' behaviour, and the development of computational mechanics simulation
  • Design, optimisation and sizing methods for structures
  • Static, dynamic, vibratory and fatigue behaviour of structures
  • Life cycle assessment for structures in their environment
  • The study and validation of new structural concepts


MATMECA atomisation tower for developing the future aeronautical materials

MATMECA atomisation tower for developing the future aeronautical materials