DEMR - Technical resources

The department relies on on a unique set of major resources:

  • HYCAM (radar testing and signature measurement platform) and MEDYCIS (flickering targets measurement) ground radars
  • SETHI and RAMSES-NG airborne radars (associated with their PAMELA SAR processing workshop)
  • BUSARD light airborne platform
  • HF skywave (NOSTRADAMUS) and surface wave (ROS) radar mockups
  • Passive radar resources
  • Non-conventional radar measurement resources (detection through walls, in the ground or in vegetation)
  • Modular wideband measurement platform for the mobile propagation channel
  • High-frequency tropospheric propagation channel measurement stations
  • Materials characterization test benches (CAREM, ROCAMAT)
  • Anechoic chambers for stealth (CAMERA, BABI) and antennas
  • Mode-stirred reverberation chambers and other EMC facilities (EMIR method)

The DEMR also has a wide range of original methods and advanced software for the modelling and simulation of EM scenes (sensors, observed objects, environment and all kinds of associated interactions):

  • Different tools for resolving Maxwell equations and factoring problems (AME workshop)
  • Asymptotic radar modelling (FERMAT code, with Oktal-SE)
  • Electromagnetic topology (CRIPTE code, Power Balance method, etc.)
  • Antenna or radome modelling tools, for studying radio propagation
  • Radar simulation workshop
  • SISTAR software: SImulator of the Space-Time behavior of the tropospheric propagation channel for Application to Radiocommunications (ONERA-CNES co-property)
  • Software calculating terrestrial propagation (ground, stretches of water) via the Parabolic Equation mode (EPEE, Simu-RF, SWARS)
  • Library of propagation models implementing the recommendations of the ITU-R (series P.)