Accessing ONERA's contracts

ONERA publishes its procurement notices on the French government's electronic procurement platform - PLACE (and with official bodies: Official Journal of the European Union, and BOAMP - Bulletin officiel des Annonces Marchés Public (official bulletin of public procurement announcements) - for contracts above European thresholds).

Each opinion on PLACE is accompanied by its company consultation file, which specifies in particular:

  • The purpose of the service to be provided
  • The project's technical requirements and constraints
  • The consultation rules
  • Expectations on the content of the applications and tenders to be submitted by companies
  • The file submission modalities
  • The application and tender selection criteria
  • The applicable contractual terms and conditions, etc.

Aware of the complexity of the public procurement procedures for small and medium-sized enterprises, ONERA is proposing to simplify the preparation of the application file. The contracts eligible for this simplification are clearly identified in PLACE through the acronym MPS (Simplified Public Procurement). This service allows companies to bid for public-sector contracts with their SIRET number only and thus eliminates a part of the administrative hurdles.