General Technical Director's viewpoint

The Technical and Program Directorate (DTP) conducts ONERA research directly associated with the Aeronautics, Space and Defense objectives, and helps to guarantee the State's technical expertise across the 7 scientific departments of which it is composed.

The DTP also works in harness with 3 Aeronautics, Space and Defense Program Directorates, whose role is to promote the take-up of ONERA's multidisciplinary expertise among its clients and partners.

Structured according to the Objectives and Performance Contract (COP) and the Strategic Scientific Plan (PSS), the activity of the DTP addresses the expectations of the main players in the field of aerospace, such as the DGA, the DGAC, the CNES, and the industry as a whole.


DTP in a nutshell

  • Headcount of 1300, including 1000 engineers and managers, technicians and employees, and 300 PhD students and research fellows

  • 290 publications in refereed journals in 2016

  • €113M in orders in 2016

  • Wide variety of technical and experimental resources

  • Extremely high-performance computational resources including one in the world's Top 500 HPC rankings