Model Preparation

Before the test there is a model preparation phases. Generally several operation types must be foreseen.


The model is supplied by the customer: in this case, the model is functional and delivered with all the mechanical pieces allowing the various considered configurations. Generally the model need is from 2 to 3 weeks before the entry in the aerodynamic circuit, but this period can be longer for more complex configurations. The model is supplied with its documentation: drawing packet, calculation note of structural hold, mounting note (eventually).

The model is made by ONERA Wind Tunnel Division: the preliminary mounting of the model in its various configurations and the geometrical control are made by our workshops. A model acknowledgement meeting is done at this step between the customer, the wind tunnel test engineer and the model conception manager. The check of the model conformity according to the customer specifications is analysed. The model is afterwards sent to the wind tunnel. The planning concerning the delivery is directly seen between the wind tunnel test engineer and the model conception manager. The documentation of the model is done at the ONERA engineering office.

Once in the wind tunnel, the model is one more time examined and taken over by the wind tunnel mounting technicians. They integrated notably the main balance in the model (if necessary) and the sting line. The inclinometers (if necessary) are also integrated.

Markers, paint

In case of released transition, the Cadcut strip setting or carborundum grain is done.

For some test types, the model must be covered with a paint (test using PSP or PIV technique (non-reflecting protection coating)).

Electrical connection and test

The eventual captor setting (Kulite, stress gauging ...) is done.
The electrical connection/checking of all the present captors in the model is also realised.

Model preparation cell
Large model preparation cell
Large model preparation cell